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Charitable Solicitation Registration and Renewal Services
Are you spending too much time preparing, submitting and following up on charitable solicitation registration, annual report and renewal filings? Due to the complexity involved, do you have doubts about whether you are properly completing the required forms and filings in each state? Outsourcing your charitable registration compliance to National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) will give you more time to focus on your cause. You’ll also have peace of mind in knowing your initial and renewal filings are being handled correctly and on time.
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Sales Tax Exemption Services
Are you taking full advantage of your nonprofit organization’s tax-exempt status? Sales tax exemptions are available in many state and local jurisdictions and needlessly paying these taxes is an unnecessary cost. Most tax-exempt organizations take advantage of in-state sales tax exemptions, but many frequently fail to obtain the proper exemptions when traveling to other states or cities that offer this benefit to nonprofits. NCR can help ensure that your organization receives any available sales tax exemptions.
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