The Right Response

Portfolio Management and Reporting Service

NCR National Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Limited (NCR Hong Kong) can help you keep track of your complex corporate structures and offers customized reports upon request to provide the exact information you need when you need it.

Making your job easier:

Examples of the helpful, time-saving reports that can be generated include:

An employee at a large international private equity fund has recently resigned from the firm. He acts as director for a large number of underlying holding companies incorporated in half a dozen international jurisdictions which hold the firm’s investments. The firm’s CFO and Compliance Officer need a report of all the companies for which this employee has been appointed director so that the accompanying resolutions confirming his resignation can be prepared.  At NCR Hong Kong, we can:

  • Prepare a report of all the companies which have appointed a particular person as director summarized by either number of appointments, portfolio or project. 

Company B, a renowned real estate development company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is in negotiations with an international investment bank to secure a large bond offering for its next development project. The bank has requested an organization chart documenting all of Company B’s subsidiary companies, any potential joint-venture shareholders and the percentage of each of their shareholdings.  At NCR Hong Kong, we can:

  • Prepare an organizational chart of each company in a portfolio or project summarizing the percentage of shareholding at each intermediate level, including any possible joint-ventures and/or individual shareholders.

Contact NCR Hong Kong to learn more about how we can tailor our reporting system to meet your complex organizational requirements.