The Right Response

International Compliance Services

The ongoing annual compliance requirements in offshore and other jurisdictions outside the United States can often be the single biggest factor in choosing, or not choosing, a jurisdiction for establishing your corporate presence.

Making your job easier:

By working with NCR National Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Limited (NCR Hong Kong), you will have a team of experienced professionals at NCR Hong Kong that will help you simplify the annual compliance requirements listed below by reminding you of important filing dates, updating changes in the particulars of companies in your portfolio and preparing all of the documents that require your review and signature before filing.

  • Annual Returns
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Payment of government fees
  • Maintaining proper due diligence records
  • Providing banks with updated due diligence information

You can rest assured knowing that NCR Hong Kong has your best interest in mind when taking on your ongoing compliance responsibilities.