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Company Secretary and Statutory Representation

The value of a professional company secretary goes beyond the fulfillment of local statutory requirements. The company secretary service provided by NCR National Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Limited (NCR Hong Kong) is tailor-made to the needs of each client company to ensure that the company’s activities are captured, recorded and maintained in a highly professional manner for the company’s directors, shareholders, lawyers, auditors and other concerned third-parties’ information at any time.

Making your job easier:

When you work with NCR Hong Kong, your professional company secretary services include:

Acting as Chief Administrative Officer

NCR Hong Kong will be your resource and point-of-contact for any matters related to the ongoing administration of a company.

Providing Registered Office

NCR Hong Kong provides the required registered office to Hong Kong companies for receiving writs, summonses and other office notices related to the company in Hong Kong.

Maintenance of Statutory Records

NCR Hong Kong assists companies in establishing a corporate governance best practice regarding the maintenance of required records. We maintain custody of all of the company’s original statutory records, resolutions, registers and miscellaneous documents to ensure that the location of these key documents is known at all times.

Preparation of Minutes of Meetings & Resolutions

Every major decision and discussion leading up to the decision will be documented to ensure the proper level of compliance, transparency and corporate governance is maintained for each client company.

Updating Register of Directors, Members and Officers

NCR Hong Kong will coordinate the preparation all of the necessary documents for each appointment of a director or officer as well as for the allotment of shares to a shareholder. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that the corporate structure of the company was established and maintained with documented transparency and integrity.


Since NCR Hong Kong maintains the original statutory records of each company in-house, only your instructions are needed for us to undertake the certification and legalization of statutory records, resolutions or other documents related to the company.