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UCC, Lien Searches and Document Retrieval
The knowledgeable service specialists at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) can take the guesswork out of the process of developing a search strategy that encompasses state and local agencies and the various lien types you need to search. Get the results you need quickly and utilize our customized search reports to make your job easier.
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Federal Intellectual Property Services
When intellectual property (IP) assets are involved in your secured transaction and include patents and registered trademarks or copyrights, your due diligence may not be complete if you haven’t searched the records of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and U.S. Copyright Office. The experience of NCR’s researchers with ownership and assignment searches for all types of intellectual property means you get faster, more reliable results. NCR also searches, files and retrieves PTO and Copyright Office documents.
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UCC Preparation and Filing Services
NCR can prepare and file your UCC financing statements or we can file documents that you send us. NCR makes the process easier for you by reviewing all filings for completeness, advancing all fees and following up to ensure prompt proof of filing. Clients can also outsource the entire process to NCR, including continuation monitoring.
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UCC ProFile
NCR’s UCC ProFile system makes it easy for you to securely create, file, view and manage your UCC financing statements online. Time-saving features make even your largest projects easy and on-demand lapse reports provide you with the information you need to ensure timely continuations.
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PMSI and Consignment Services
Article 9 of the UCC allows for “super priority” in goods as long as specific statutory requirements are met. NCR takes the complexity out of the process and can handle the filing, searching and notification letters needed to protect your interest in the merchandise from bankruptcy trustees and other secured parties on record.
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