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Authentication and Legalization Resources
Which countries/territories will accept Apostilles and which ones require consular legalization? On this page, those who need to prepare documents for use in foreign countries will find the answer to this, along with other helpful information.
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General Corporate Information and Resources
This part of our web site provides helpful reference material and links to websites that can provide the answers and resources you are looking for related to corporate transactions and business entity filings.
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Misleading Annual Report and Compliance Solicitations
On this page of our website, we provide alerts about misleading compliance solicitations that are being sent to entities formed or qualified in certain states. While the majority of these solicitations relate to annual reports (or periodic reports), some of them focus on annual minutes or business license requirements.
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New York Publication Requirements
New York has specific publication requirements related to certain types of business entity filings. These requirements have changed over the years and this page offers helpful guidance, information and historical data related to these requirements.
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Government Resources
This page contains links to a number of government agencies and resources. We believe our clients will find the forms and information provided by these web sites to be useful.
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Other Corporate Resources
The links on this page point to additional resources that may be valuable to the corporate practitioners we work with.
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