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The expert corporate service specialists at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) can help you make sense of the applicable requirements for each state when an entity converts from one type to another. We’ll assist you not only in determining whether a particular conversion is permitted in a jurisdiction, but also with the acceptable format of the filing and all other associated requirements.

Making your job easier:

Save valuable time by turning to NCR’s experienced staff for assistance:
Whether an entity can convert from one entity type to another depends on the state it’s formed in. While many states allow an entity to convert to another type of domestic or foreign entity, others greatly restrict conversion filings. Your NCR corporate service specialist can investigate the state requirements and provide you with the statutory information you may need in any state.

Simplify post-conversion filing requirements:

Make sure your conversion is properly reflected in the records of all states the company is doing business in. Our experienced specialists can help you navigate the different filings and supporting documents required. Follow the progress of the project with our clear and concise filing charts.