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Motor Vehicle Services

When it comes to motor vehicle services, National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) recognizes our clients’ need for expertise. When you need assistance with title and registration services, NCR will connect you with a motor vehicle documentation specialist who can help you with nationwide vehicle titling and registration, title transfers, secure title storage and everything in between.

Making your job easier:

Eliminate the administrative hassles associated with calling the Department of Motor Vehicles and following up on documentation:

It takes time and resources to follow-up on license plates, decals and damaged or lost registrations. When you contact NCR for assistance, we’ll connect you with service specialists who deal exclusively with motor vehicle documentation services. We understand the importance of your deadlines and can quickly help you get an entire fleet of vehicles back in business.

Personalized Service to Better Support Your Processes:

At NCR, we understand that clients have different needs. That’s why we give you choices for obtaining the information and assistance you require. Utilize an online system, available 24/7, to view your orders or speak to a knowledgeable service specialist who can walk you through each process and help you decide the best course of action.

Contact NCR When You Need Assistance With Any of the Following Title and Registration Services:
  • Lien Perfection - When a titled vehicle is used as collateral for a loan, the lien is placed on the title and must be paid before the vehicle can be sold to another party. The lien secures the title and the lender’s interest in that vehicle.
  • Title Corrections - If a state jurisdiction makes a mistake on a title that is printed and sent to the owner, a title correction may be needed. Types of corrections include misspelled names, incorrect odometer, wrong VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or vehicle color.
  • Duplicate Titles – When an original title has been lost or destroyed, a duplicate title can be obtained in every state for the lien holder or owner of record.
  • Sales and Leaseback - Sale–and leaseback, sometimes just called leaseback, is a financial arrangement where one party sells an asset to a buyer and the purchaser then leases it back to the seller. This arrangement can provide tax benefits and free up capital while allowing the initial buyer to make full use of the asset.
  • Initial Title – First time registration resulting in a title without registration. Certain states will allow a title only, while other states will allow a title to be issued when a license plate and registration are issued.
  • Initial Title and Registration – Initial title and registration for a new vehicle or piece of equipment can be obtained from 1,400 jurisdictions in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Title Transfers – Ownership changes to an existing title.
  • Title Searches – Search for information about a vehicle with the full VIN on cars and light to medium duty trucks.
  • Title and MCO (Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin) Storage and Maintenance - Secure storage of titles or MCOs during the life of the assets. Titles are received and images are scanned and stored. When assets are sold, titles are retrieved and mailed to the location authorized by the owner.
  • Renewals – Complete renewal tracking and reminders are provided so that vehicle license plate renewals are completed and placed on the vehicles before expiration.
  • State-to-State Transfers – When a vehicle is moved to another state with a new garaging address, new plates and title must be obtained.
  • Salvage Titles – A salvage title is an automobile title with a notation that the vehicle has been damaged in excess of the approximately 70% of its pre-accident market value. The exact percentage depends upon the insurance providers and any applicable laws and regulations. Natural catastrophes, accidents and other unexpected occurrences can sometimes render a vehicle a total loss. A salvage title needs to be issued so that the vehicle can be sold and/or registered according to state guidelines.