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International Corporate Services

In today’s global economy, National Corporate Research, Ltd., NCR National Corporate Research (UK) Limited, and NCR National Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Limited (together, the “NCR Group”) provide companies with the services they need to do business worldwide. When you are working on a transaction involving a foreign entity, you can rest assured knowing that the NCR Group provides the same responsive, knowledgeable approach to international document retrieval, corporate filing, statutory representation and compliance services as we do in the United States. Through experience, research and a network of local correspondents, we can provide you with the assistance you need when working on an international transaction.

Making your job easier:

Dedicated Team of Experienced Professionals

The NCR Group has a dedicated team of multilingual service specialists to assist clients with international corporate services. Clients can work with a member of this team directly on international transactions or, if preferred, work with their usual Corporate Service Specialist to handle both their U.S. and international requests. With local offices in the U.S., London and Hong Kong, knowledgeable staff members of the NCR Group’s International Team are available in multiple time zones to provide their expertise and support to every member of your team and ours.

Formations, Registered Agent/Office and Compliance Services Outside the U.S.

We provide the full range of corporate filing and statutory representation (and, if required, registered office) in several international jurisdictions. In those jurisdictions where we provide statutory representation, we also offer annual compliance services. You can be assured that you will receive timely notifications of compliance due dates, minimizing risk and helping to ensure you maintain your ability to transact business internationally. In the U.S. territories, with the exception of Puerto Rico where we can obtain your employee tax registration and mercantile registration, the NCR Group can obtain and renew your general business licenses.


For our clients engaged in financial transactions, we offer Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) registration, searches and annual maintenance.

International Due Diligence:

The NCR Group retrieves certified copies and Good Standing Certificates or their equivalents worldwide. In addition, NCR researches and retrieves individual and entity lien information – including the closest UCC equivalent --  based on the public information available in the local jurisdiction.

Authentication and Legalization Services:

In addition to U.S. authentication and legalization services, the Hong Kong and London offices of the NCR Group can authenticate and legalize international documents in their local jurisdictions.