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Entity Central® Entity Management System

Spend less time keeping track of your firm’s entities and staying on top of your corporate compliance responsibilities with Entity Central®, the secure, leading edge online entity management system from National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR). Entity Central® allows you to store your entity documents and easily view, manage and generate detailed reports about your entities related to formation, qualification, service of process and invoicing. Entity Central® is optimized for iOS and Android devices so that you can access your entity information and receive important alerts anytime and anywhere.

Entity Central® also includes an enhanced Compliance module that gives you the ability to generate an on-demand compliance calendar and easily sign up to receive e-mail event notices of important upcoming due dates, changes in entity status and new invoices. With our Custom Compliance Module, you can enter any type of license or registration due date for any type of entity, whether or not it is represented by NCR, allowing you to receive email notifications and generate reports for every type of filing required to keep your entity in compliance.

The Document Manager module of Entity Central® provides you with a secure, user-friendly repository for all your entity documents, including ones NCR uploads for you. Document Manager makes it easy for you to locate, review and print your documents. A convenient grid enables you to sort and filter your document list by various criteria, including a date range, and you can even export the information to Excel. By storing your entity documents in Entity Central®, you'll have one central secure location to easily access the information you need when you need it.

Request access to Entity Central® today by sending e-mail to:

Making your job easier:

View/print detailed information about your entities 24/7:


  • Formation/qualification dates, organizational ID/Tax ID numbers and representation appointment/renewal dates
  • Entity information such as Officers, Directors and other specifics for each company
  • Entity status and next annual report due dates
  • Any license and registration renewal dates you have entered for your entities
  • Entity name history, including alternate names
  • Service of process summary, copies of documents served and all entity documents you have uploaded

Effortlessly keep track of due dates with customizable Compliance Calendar:

Since corporate compliance due dates vary by state and entity type, utilizing this tool will make it much easier to keep your entities in good standing and meet closing and lender reporting deadlines as they arise.

Automated event notifications prevent important deadlines from slipping through the cracks:

With Entity Central®, you can choose to have e-mail notifications sent to you and/or others for upcoming annual/periodic report due dates, changes in entity status and/or newly issued renewal invoices. Any other important renewal dates for any of your entities that you have input with our Custom Compliance module will appear on these notifications.

Access to NCR’s helpful Annual Report Filing Guidelines:
As an NCR client, you’ll have free access to our Annual Report Filing Guidelines from the Compliance Calendar or Event List in Entity Central®. Our guidelines ensure you have all of the important information needed to accurately complete your annual/periodic reports.

Easily generate reports about your entities at any time:

NCR gives you the ability to generate concise reports of the information you need whenever you need it. Entity Central® offers standard reports summarizing your entities (including those not in Good Standing), service of process activity, important registration and renewal requirements that you have entered, contacts on record and NCR invoices/payment status. Entity Central® also gives you the ability to create your own reports. With just a few steps, you can create and save customized reports that can be run any time you need them.

Customize security permissions to ensure access only to authorized individuals:

Entity Central® gives you the ability to control who can access different types of information to ensure the confidentiality of your sensitive information. You decide which individuals in your organization can access the Management/Ownership, Service of Process and/or Document Manager modules.