The Right Response

Independent Director/Manager Services

When your structured finance transaction results in the need for an Independent Director/Manager or a Springing or Special Member for your Special Purpose Entity (SPE), you can confidently turn to National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) for assistance.

NCR is a professional registered agent company that has been providing comprehensive corporate and secured transactions services since 1980. With experienced staff in offices from coast to coast, including the “corporation capital of the world”, Delaware, NCR is uniquely positioned to provide Independent Directors/Managers and the related transactional services you require.

The advantages of working with NCR:

Be confident your Independent Director/Manager appointments are being handled professionally:
Clients who choose to work with NCR have benefited from our commitment to understanding the role of professional Independent Directors/Managers in the transaction. The senior officers of NCR who serve as Independent Directors/Managers attend periodic training to remain up to date on their roles and responsibilities in a structured finance transaction.

NCR’s service includes a review by experienced counsel of the operative organizational documents to limit the role of the Independent Director/Manager to material actions.
NCR’s outside counsel has an extensive practice focusing business entities in Delaware, the preferred jurisdictional choice when it comes to the formation of SPEs. Routinely involved in these types of transactions, they understand the needs of the lenders, counsel on both sides, rating agencies and other debt holders. As a result, our outside counsel expedite their review process to meet your deadlines. In other words, NCR understands your deal.

Responsive to the closing date and to subsequent votes on important material actions:
We know that when finalizing deals, you are frequently under pressure to arrange for these appointments quickly, and we go out of our way to work with you to meet your closing deadline. And should your SPE Independent Director/Manager be asked to vote on a material action, the appointed NCR Independent Director/Manager will be responsive and deliberate in delivering an educated vote.

Customization for your deal ensures you only receive and pay for exactly what you need:
NCR services and fees are tailored for each transaction. Once we review what you require in your current deal, we will quickly provide a detailed cost estimate.