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Sales Tax Exemption Services

Complex state tax codes and unclear regulations can make it very challenging to take advantage of sales tax exemptions that are available to your organization. Lack of uniformity, not only from state to state, but also among different taxing authorities within a state, could result in your nonprofit not making the most of its exempt status. To add to the confusion, many districts disallow sales tax exemptions for some types of nonprofits or restrict them based on the use of goods/services or who is actually making payment.

Save time and be confident you are making the most of your eligibility for relief from certain sales tax expenses by relying on National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) to manage your state and local sales tax exemption filings.

Making your job easier:

Make the most of your tax-exempt status:

If your organization sends employees to attend meetings and conferences in other states, it’s important to make sure that you take advantage of any sales tax exemptions available to nonprofits. Travel and conference expenses for these events can be substantial and some sales tax exemptions can save you up to 10 percent.


Sales Tax Exemption

NCR can save you time and frustration by researching available sales tax exemptions for your organization, preparing and filing the required state or local applications and obtaining the needed sales tax exemption certificates. Our affordable, flat-rate fee for this service is quickly justified by the savings you’ll experience once you’ve obtained and start using your exemption certificates.


Gain a partner to help you maintain and manage your sales tax exemptions:

A general sales tax exemption certificate, point-of-sale exemption applications, single or blanket purchase certificates, multistate certificates of exemption and many other sales tax exemption documents can be challenging to maintain and manage. Partner with NCR and we’ll help you manage your sales tax exemptions and maintain the procedures needed to maximize your savings. Our convenient reports keep everything in one place and are updated as new exemptions are obtained or as changes occur that affect the procedures for claiming exemption from sales tax on the purchase of otherwise taxable goods and services. NCR can also handle your renewal filings in the few states that require them.

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