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Charitable Solicitation Registration and Renewal Services

National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) provides a complete range of services to help nonprofits manage and maintain their good standing with state charity offices in all jurisdictions. With our “white-glove” service, NCR handles your charitable solicitation registration and renewal filings from start to finish. This service ensures that all nonprofit annual reports, renewals, extensions and exemptions are properly filed on time with the required attachments. NCR’s responsive service specialists are experienced with all state-specific forms, filing procedures, online filing systems, the Unified Registration Statement and required supplementary forms. We monitor and inform you of new laws, rules, procedures and fees to ensure your organization’s ongoing compliance.

Making your job easier:

Charitable Solicitation Registration and Renewal Services Article:

Learn about the required filings for charity registration, renewal and compliance and the consequences of failing to comply.


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Focus on your mission and avoid distractions:

Streamlined procedures at NCR allow you to focus on your organization’s mission and avoid distractions. Our "white-glove" charitable registration and compliance services are tailored to meet your specific needs and to deliver the highest level of service. Choose NCR as your nonprofit service provider and you’ll have more time to focus on your organization’s mission and fundraising efforts.

Charity Registration

Avoid the headaches noncompliance can cause:
Let NCR’s knowledgeable service specialists handle your state charitable and corporate compliance to ensure you maintain your good name and avoid embarrassing PR. By staying compliant, you can avoid late fees, penalties and state investigations or proceedings. The IRS, states, and most importantly, your donors are paying more attention and their due diligence often includes making sure that nonprofits are compliant.

Simplify compliance by keeping everything under one roof:

With NCR, your registered agent becomes part of your corporate and charitable registration compliance team. As a professional, nationwide registered agent service company, NCR provides a “one-stop shop” for all of your corporate and charitable registration compliance needs. When you appoint NCR as your registered agent, we will be your single point of contact with state officials and will keep you informed of all material communications.

Save money and stay in control:

As an NCR client, you’ll receive complimentary annual charity and corporate status checks in every state where we act as registered agent or register a charity for you. In states where we act as your corporate registered agent, no additional fee is charged to be named as your registered agent at the state charity office. With NCR’s free online entity management system, Entity Central®, you’ll have access to a helpful compliance calendar with automated e-mail reminders to manage deadlines for annual reports and renewals. Also enjoy unlimited access to our nonprofit compliance filing guidelines and nationwide forms library.

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