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Corporate Forms Library

National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) provides clients with access to our comprehensive online Corporate Forms Library free of charge. The library is a central repository for the most commonly used forms for entity filing in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. For your convenience, our forms are provided in fillable PDF format. NCR’s Corporate Forms Library also contains filing guidelines to assist you in accurately completing the forms and ensure you are aware of any important post-filing requirements.

Making your job easier:

With NCR’s forms library you save time in so many ways:
  • No more hunting for the correct form on state websites
  • No more hassle because the form the state provides can’t be completed on your PC
  • No need to contact your service representative to obtain our address in a given state, we’ve completed that field in each form for you!

NCR’s filing guidelines ensure you don’t overlook any important requirements:

Our guidelines provide you the answers you need up front when you are handling a filing in an unfamiliar state. For example, does the jurisdiction require original signatures? Who can be the signatory on the filing? Are there any post-filing requirements you should be aware of? The answers to these questions and many more are available when you download our convenient filing guidelines for qualification, withdrawal and annual report filings.

Our convenient layout makes it easy to choose and receive the form(s) you need:

Our convenient single screen menu allows you to select forms for one state, many states or all of them quickly and easily. Once you’ve chosen the forms you need, you can download them or choose to have them sent right to your e-mail inbox (or a colleague’s) in a single message.

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