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Global Process Agent

Do you need a Process Agent in New York, Hong Kong or the United Kingdom (U.K.) to establish jurisdiction of those countries’ courts in legal proceedings related to Loan/Credit Agreements, ISDA Master Agreements, import/export financings, private placements and other financial transactions? Wouldn’t you like to have one reliable alternative no matter where you need a Process Agent?

National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) offers professional Process Agent Services in New York and in any state in the U.S. We also offer these services in Hong Kong through NCR National Corporate Research (Hong Kong) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCR, and in the U.K. through NCR National Corporate Research (UK) Limited, a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 of England and Wales. In addition, if other select international jurisdictions are required, we work with partners worldwide and will coordinate the appointment of the process agent needed for your transaction. We will also customize our appointment documentation to meet any unique requirements that each jurisdiction may impose.

Making your job easier:

What is a process agent and why is one often needed in cross-border transactions?

Learn about the purpose and role of a process agent in cross-border transactions and what steps you should take when you want to appoint one.


Learn About the Role of a Process Agent!

Streamline your workflow by working with an experienced company that can coordinate your global process agent needs:
  • NCR will coordinate the documentation required to support your process agent appointment with our global partners.


Work with experienced NCR Process Agent Specialists who understand your transaction and the importance of your closing deadline:
  • Our Process Agent Specialists will expedite delivery of NCR’s signed acceptance of the appointment – usually the same day or, in most instances, not later than 24 hours after receipt of the required documentation.

  • NCR will NOT hold up your deal pending advance payment.  We accept payment at closing via wire or within 10 days after the closing.

  • Multilingual, professional Process Agent Specialists are available to support communication to borrowers, issuers, investors and others involved in your deal in their native language.