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Legislative Services

Are you frequently asked to research and retrieve Congressional documents? This is tedious, time consuming work that often requires advanced research skills. Whether you need the complete congressional record or just the testimony of a specific witness, you can rely on the experienced library services team at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) to handle all of your legislative research and retrieval needs.

Making your job easier:

NCR puts the resources of the Library of Congress at your fingertips:
NCR is at home at the premier library in the world, the Library of Congress (LC). Our library services team is familiar with the resources and staff at the LC and has the required skills to meet your legislative research needs. When you require federal, state or international legislative research, relying on our staff gives you direct access to all of the resources at the LC.

Save time and money by asking NCR to handle your legislative research:
  • Research and retrieval of Congressional documents – including House and Senate Reports, Conference and Committee Reports, Hearings and Executive Orders
  • Legislative research for all 50 states and D.C.
  • Access to LC foreign-law specialists and their uncataloged collections
  • Research foreign laws, acts, gazettes, etc.