The Right Response

Article Requests

Do you face urgent deadlines for obtaining copies from journals, newspapers or loose-leafs from the Library of Congress (LC), National Library of Medicine (NLM) or other libraries? Is it important for you to save time while staying within a budget? The experienced library services team at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) can help you save time and money in completing difficult requests.

Making your job easier:

NCR gives you unparalleled access to the libraries you need most:
Why bother placing dozens of requests across the U.S. when most of the articles you need are available from libraries within easy reach of our nation’s capital? The D.C. metro area has more libraries per capita than anywhere in the world. In addition to the LC and NLM, NCR’s D.C. office can access most academic, federal agency and court libraries in D.C. If the articles you need aren’t available locally, then we’ll track them down nationally -- and internationally -- if needed.

Save time…allow NCR to locate hard to find articles:

Is it worth up to three hours of your time to attempt the retrieval of one article at the LC or NLM only to discover that the journal issue or volume you need isn’t on the shelf? NCR can eliminate the hassle for you. Our research specialists make multiple trips each day to the LC and we have daily coverage at NLM. This enables us to complete your requests promptly. Also, if you have inaccurate cites, NCR can overcome these errors and deliver your documents.

Copyright clearance is standard on all orders and copies are delivered electronically for your immediate receipt. Please review our Copyright Compliance Policy before proceeding with your order.