The Right Response

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

When you need to obtain information by submitting a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or state open-records request, contact the experienced research professionals at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR). Placing these requests is only a small part of the process, as diligent and time-consuming follow-up is ordinarily required to get the results quickly. The process becomes especially challenging when multiple requests are being made at different agencies or when you want the requests to be anonymous.

Making your job easier:

Save time by counting on NCR to submit and regularly follow up with federal or state agencies to obtain the information you need.

Our staff is familiar with the state and federal requirements and the language needed to ensure that delays are minimized. When NCR submits your requests, our research specialists will regularly monitor the status and follow up with the appropriate agencies so you don’t have to. We’ll utilize our contacts and knowledge of the process to get the information you need as quickly as possible.

NCR will handle your initial requests and agency appeal letters confidentially.

Is a layer of anonymity important to you? NCR’s research specialists understand the sensitive nature of your FOIA requests. We can also make preliminary, anonymous inquiries prior to the submission of a FOIA request. When you work with NCR, you can always be assured your request will be handled confidentially.

NCR keeps you in control of the process.

After a request is submitted, NCR will document and provide you with any verbal or written subsequent communication with government offices. Our staff will not proceed without consulting you and obtaining your instructions. NCR is considered the end user of the information and documents requested to ensure any necessary anonymity.