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Research, Retrieval and Filing Services

Are you spending too much time dealing with government agencies when trying to file or retrieve a document? Are you tired of being left on hold or having your calls transferred to yet another person who has no idea what you’re talking about? National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) provides research, retrieval and filing services at most federal and state government agencies and can save you a lot of time. Our professional researchers are familiar with agency policies/procedures and can obtain the information you need or guide you through the maze of requirements to file or retrieve documents.

Making your job easier:

NCR’s coordinated team approach gets you the results you need:
When you work with NCR, our experienced agency service specialists combine their filing and search skills with the research abilities of our library and court services staff in fulfilling your requests. This enables us to provide accurate, timely answers to even your most difficult research, document retrieval and filing questions.

Work with a service company that understands government agencies:

Public disclosure documents, applications, permits, licenses, tariffs, certificates and a myriad of other filings make up only a fraction of the information available at government agencies. At NCR, we understand the multi-faceted role of government regulatory agencies and know how to obtain the information you need. NCR’s researchers are comfortable at the many public reference rooms, docket departments, libraries and other offices at which filings are accepted or where previously filed documents or information can be retrieved.

Our researchers are also familiar with government agency rulemaking procedures and can monitor new rules or retrieve archived documents, such as comment letters, testimony and other materials retained as part of the regulatory rulemaking process.

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