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Expert Witness Reports, Depositions and Transcripts

Expert testimony is a critical aspect of trials, administrative proceedings and legislative hearings. Whether attempting to present or impeach an expert, due diligence must be taken to ascertain if the expert possesses the technical knowledge, skills, experience, training and education required. Despite its importance, expert testimony can be difficult to locate. Transcripts and reports are not always docketed properly and relevant trial testimony may only be available by searching through volumes of records. National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) can assist you in identifying the critical roles experts have played in the past. From pre-litigation analysis and discovery assistance to deposition and trial testimony, you can count on NCR to assist you in locating the expert testimony you need.

Making your job easier:

You can trust NCR to do a thorough job searching all available records:
When you need all available records of what an expert witness has written or stated regarding a specific case or all cases in which they provided their services, how can you really trust that the entire record was searched? Expert witnesses often cite cases for which they provided services, but that doesn’t always mean that their contributions were significant or even incorporated into the public record. If expert witnesses are retained, the public record can be voluminous, requiring a careful review of the entire file. NCR’s experienced researchers know how to obtain written reports and oral testimony for cases in which an expert was consulted.

NCR’s experienced researchers help you obtain information beyond the obvious sources:
A careful review of the public record is a good start, but it doesn’t necessarily provide all of the information you need.  NCR can do the preliminary search of the docket, reports and transcripts to pinpoint the materials you might need.  If a review of the available information in the public record is determined to be insufficient, our research specialists can contact court reporters, counsel and other parties. This can sometimes result in our obtaining additional information not readily available in the public record while allowing you to maintain your anonymity, if requested.

Retrieval of trade, scientific and other literature assures that you get the entire picture:

The curriculum vitae of expert witnesses often cites articles, publications and written works that provide additional details and insights into their expertise and experience. A thorough review of these written works is yet another step in your expert witness due diligence. NCR’s library services team can retrieve all published works and can attempt the retrieval of unpublished literature without revealing the identity of the requesting client.

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