The Right Response

Civil, Criminal and Bankruptcy Research/Retrieval

National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) is your one-stop connection for court documents and related research. Our experienced and resourceful specialists know their way around docket sheets, clerks’ offices and the filings unique to civil, criminal and bankruptcy proceedings. As a result, we are able to quickly and cost-effectively fulfill your nationwide research and retrieval requests.

Making your job easier:

NCR navigates obstacles on your behalf:

Whether the document you need is said to be “in judge’s chambers” or in a courthouse that’s closed due to a weather-related emergency, NCR’s determined researchers do not give up easily. We don’t just check with the clerk’s office – we can also check related cases, law library holdings, archives, appellate and supreme courts. With your authorization, we’ll even contact media sources or filing parties. Some service companies give up if a document is not readily available at the court, but at NCR, the clerk’s file is just considered a starting point in the retrieval process.

Missing or incomplete information? That’s not a problem when you work with NCR:
Are you ever supplied with less than complete case specifics? Are you missing a case number, name and/or jurisdiction? NCR’s skilled researchers can often find litigation with only a fraction of the case information to go on. We utilize a combination of persistence, experience and the latest resources and technology to research, retrieve and deliver the documents you require. At NCR, a little bit of information can go a long way.

Offices in key cities and a responsive, nationwide network to serve you:
NCR has nine full-service offices to serve you and a nationwide network of reliable agents. Our personnel and contacts ensure that you receive the documents you need from anywhere in the U.S., sometimes within hours and usually on a same or next-day basis. For example, when we received a request late in the day for a filing at the Superior Court in Island County, WA, our agent for the Puget Sound area was able to catch the last ferry to the court before it closed and faxed the requested document before leaving the island. At NCR we understand your need for speed and will go out of our way to quickly retrieve the documents you require.