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UCC Preparation and Filing Services

National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) has the expertise, experience and resources to handle all of your UCC preparation, filing and portfolio management needs. Lenders and law firms choose to work with us because of our extensive knowledge of Article 9, as well as our ability to process requests quickly and accurately. Clients also benefit from the free e-mail updates we provide on significant statutory, procedural and rule changes.

Making your job easier:

NCR can help you avoid costly delays and rejections:
NCR’s experienced service specialists know how important it is to prepare UCCs correctly and get them filed quickly. Every filing we receive is carefully reviewed to ensure the specific filing office’s requirements have been met. Potential issues are brought to your attention immediately so that they can be corrected before your filing is submitted. Minimize the chance of your filings being rejected by working with NCR’s knowledgeable staff.

Responsive staff available to answer your questions:
As an NCR client, you will have access to responsive, experienced service specialists who can assist you with jurisdiction-specific questions or unusual situations. Having a knowledgeable UCC team at your disposal will enable you to complete projects more quickly and accurately.

Outsourcing your UCC preparation and/or filing projects to NCR allows you to focus on your other important priorities:
When you have a large project or lack the resources to dedicate to UCC preparation and/or filing, allow us to do the work for you. NCR’s service specialists understand the need for speed and will quickly prepare filings for your review prior to submitting them. NCR also provides a UCC tickler service to alert you to upcoming lapse dates so you can file timely continuations.

Eliminate the administrative hassles associated with requesting checks or managing deposit accounts:
It takes time and resources to calculate filing fees, request checks from your accounting department or to manage deposit accounts. By outsourcing your UCC filings to NCR, you can eliminate this costly administrative process. We calculate the filing fees, generate the checks and invoice you upon completion of the project.