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UCC, Lien Searches and Document Retrieval

Conducting UCC, lien, litigation and court searches is never as easy as it seems because every state has different state and local requirements that determine where and how to search. The experienced service specialists at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) can help take the guesswork out of search projects so that you can better manage costs, save time and obtain exactly what you need, when you need it.

Making your job easier:

Customizable search reports save you time by providing the information you need while giving you the flexibility to edit them based on your project and audience:
NCR’s search results can be customized to meet your reporting needs. The information can be provided in Word or Excel format, depending on your preference, which allows you to add your own information without having to retype any data.

NCR’s experienced service specialists can provide valuable assistance to help you develop a thorough search strategy:
Different states maintain lien records with different agencies and what might be available at the state level in one jurisdiction may only be available at the county level in a neighboring state. Moreover, the approach for searching UCC records is different from how you need to search other types of liens. NCR’s service specialists understand where different types of liens are filed and how to search for them. Remove the uncertainty on your next search project by turning to our professional service specialists for assistance.

Experience you can trust and nationwide capabilities to meet your needs:
  • NCR has over 30 years of experience in public record searching and document retrieval to give you confidence that your requests are being handled by experienced professionals
  • Our full-service offices from coast to coast and unparalleled nationwide coverage in over 4,000 jurisdictions provides the timely results you need for all of your search projects

When you need UCC, lien, litigation or other court searches, we’ve got you covered!