The Right Response

Business License Custom Research

Does the surviving entity to a merger need to reapply for licenses and permits in all locations where the company does business? Will the proposed new line of business for the company require additional licensing? Let the experienced professionals at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) take the guesswork out of unexpected and complex licensing questions.

Making your job easier:

Save time and ensure compliance when unusual situations arise:

With over 75,000 licensing authorities across the U.S. and its territories, reviewing what to file where takes time and resources. Rather than struggling to find the answers yourself, put your resources to better use. Let NCR’s experienced specialists handle the research when you’re not sure which licenses or permits are required, whether you need to update existing licenses because of a change in business structure, plan to launch a new product line or location or face other complex licensing questions.

Trust NCR’s knowledgeable staff to get you the right answers:
Through NCR, you have access to a comprehensive nationwide database of license, permit and tax registration forms, fees and instructions. Our professionals know who to contact to get the answers you need to your complex licensing questions.