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Business License Assessment Research Package

Are you sure all of your business licenses and permits are current for every location where you do business? Keeping up with changing license renewal requirements in multiple locations year after year is a daunting task. The knowledgeable experts at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) can save you time and help you ensure that your company is in compliance with all federal, state and local filing requirements.

Making your job easier:

Gain peace of mind and avoid the problems that can result from non-compliance:

Even though licensing authorities inform you when you need to renew a license, renewal notices often get sent to the wrong location leaving you unaware that a license is about to expire. Non-compliance can result in monetary penalties, bad PR or missed business opportunities. NCR can help you to avoid these problems by providing a thorough review of your existing filings.


When you request NCR’s Business License Assessment Research Package, we’ll:

  • Analyze existing license, permit and tax registration requirements for business activities at all locations
  • Review license, permit and tax registrations already filed
  • Verify status of all licenses
  • Provide a detailed listing of current, expired and missing licenses showing current status, renewal dates and reporting frequency requirements.
  • Provide the required forms and information to bring the company into compliance

These convenient reports provide the results of our research so you can view at a glance where you are in compliance, what additional filings are needed and upcoming renewal dates.