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Corporate Kits

For your convenience, National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) offers corporate kits for new entities and can assist you in updating items in existing kits when company changes require it. When you order a corporate kit with your NCR service specialist, you can be assured of receiving a high quality product quickly, so it’s there when you need it.

Making your job easier:

Save time! Ask us to provide a corporate kit at the time you form your entity.
Request a corporate kit at the time your entity is formed and you can be sure it won’t be overlooked. Our full corporate kits come complete with binder, folding metal corporate seal, 20 pre-printed stock or membership certificates and required forms -- everything a new company will need.

Keep your kit current. Ask NCR to provide the new items you’ll need when amending.
When the company is changing its name or stock structure, turn to NCR for a new corporate seal and/or stock certificates reflecting the changed information.

NCR Corporate Kit