The Right Response

Entity Compliance Audit

Have you ever discovered that one of your entities was not in good standing at the 11th hour before a critical deadline?

When you have an important upcoming closing or deadline, order an Entity Compliance Audit from National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) in advance of the target date. This process will identify all good standing issues that must be addressed immediately. Your NCR Service Specialist can then assist you in correcting these problems to ensure all entities involved in your deal or reporting requirement are in good standing when it counts…ON YOUR CLOSING OR REPORTING DATE.

Making your job easier:

Eliminate unpleasant surprises by identifying status issues in advance of your critical deadlines:

When you request an Entity Compliance Audit in advance of an important deadline, you’ll receive a customized Master Report containing the following information:

  • Exact legal name, date of filing, and Organization ID number on record with the state
  • Current status of entities, plus any fees or franchise taxes owed
  • Next annual report due dates to ensure you are aware of deadlines that might impact good standing status prior to your closing or reporting date
  • Principal business address on record for each entity so you can identify any former addresses to be updated
  • Current Registered Agent -- Realize significant annual savings by consolidating your entities under one Registered Agent

Avoid the need to resolve status issues under pressure:

NCR’s Master Report will identify any delinquencies, incorrect information on state records and upcoming due dates in the “gap” period between the date good standing status is checked and your deadline. Gain peace of mind when you need to:

  • Deliver Perfection Certificates to lenders
  • Renew business licenses
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Manage annual report due dates
  • Meet other important compliance reporting deadlines

Make closing or reporting delays a thing of the past!

Upgrade your Entity Compliance Audit to include one of the following:

Entity Housekeeping Package: If the Entity Compliance Audit identifies delinquencies or information that is no longer current on the public record, save money with discounted service fees for any filings required to cure the issues.

Closing Monitoring Package: Will you be needing Good Standing Certificates, Charter Documents and Bring Down Letters to support the legal opinion for your closing? With this package, save over 20% on our fees to obtain these supporting documents and confirmation of good standing on the date of your closing.

Annual Report Compliance Services: Let NCR’s experienced Compliance Specialists track your entities’ due dates and file the required annual reports to help ensure your entities stay compliant all year long.