The Right Response

Closing Monitoring Services

National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) offers a Closing Monitoring Package that will give you peace of mind in knowing that unexpected good standing issues will not interfere with your closings. The package includes a comprehensive Entity Compliance Audit in advance of your closing date that will identify all good standing issues that must be addressed immediately. Your NCR service specialist will then assist you in correcting these problems to ensure all entities involved in your deal are in good standing when it counts….ON YOUR CLOSING DATE.

Making your job easier:

Satisfy representation and warranty provisions in your transaction documents certifying existence and good standing of all entities
Call NCR two weeks before your closing to conduct a comprehensive Entity Compliance Audit. We’ll identify and assist you in correcting any delinquencies and alert you to any filings that may be needed.

Deliver clean legal opinions without post-closing contingencies
Close your deal on time! Avoid the stress of an 11th hour fire drill to reinstate an entity. Recent budget cuts, reduced staffing and furloughs at state filing offices make remedying delinquencies quickly much harder to do. With NCR’s Closing Monitoring Package, you can be confident that good standing issues will not derail your closings.

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