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Name Services

It’s critically important to make sure the name you or your client wants to use is or will be available in the states the business or nonprofit organization will be operating in. Rely on the knowledgeable service specialists at National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR) when you want to determine if a given entity name can be used, when you want to file an assumed (dba) name or when you wish to reserve or register a business name for future use. For your convenience, our name availability service is provided automatically and free of charge for every filing you send to NCR. Since the rules for distinguishing entity names vary by state and sometimes even by entity type, it makes sense to rely on our experts to guide you so you can be confident the name you want can be used.

Making your job easier:

Our corporate service specialists provide quick and accurate assistance when you need to verify availability, register or reserve a business name for future use in any state or all states. Turn to us for:
  • Name Availability Services
  • Name Registration
  • Name Reservation

Rely on the expertise of our corporate specialists when you need to file an assumed or alternate name for a company.
We’ll provide forms and filing assistance whether you need to file at the state or county level, we’ll handle any additional recording or publication requirements and we’ll ensure you are kept informed of the progress of your filing(s) every step of the way.