The Right Response

Working with NCR

At National Corporate Research, Ltd. (NCR), our goal is to make every interaction you have with us as professional and productive as possible and, in turn, to ensure that you are able to meet the ever-increasing demands of your clients and business partners.

Some of the key benefits of working with NCR include:

Access to experienced, responsive service specialists:
The service specialists you work with at NCR, many with over 20 years of experience, are among the most expert in the industry. As a result, they understand the urgency of your transactions and can offer a variety of options to get the results you need. We understand the importance of keeping you informed to eliminate unpleasant surprises and ensure smoother closings and transactions.

Immediate Access to the Records You Need Most:
To ensure quick turnaround time for your filing, search and document requests, NCR maintains direct access to the state computer systems of Delaware, New York, California, and Illinois and maintains or accesses other proprietary databases along with state records on the internet for all other U.S jurisdictions. The extended hours of our Delaware office gives clients access to Delaware’s corporate and UCC records after hours on the east coast while ensuring that west coast clients receive service through the end of the business day.

Customized Report Formats and Billing:
When you work with NCR, your designated team of experienced service specialists will provide our services in the way that works best for you, not us. The results we present for large corporate, UCC and research projects are customized to client preferences and tailored to the specific transaction. Excel or Word charts, in the precise format you specify, save you the time and effort of rekeying large amounts of information.

We Keep You Informed:
We realize that it’s nearly impossible for you to stay current with changes to the law and filing office procedures in all fifty states. That is why we provide frequent bulletins, e-mail updates and conduct live informational seminars that enable you to stay on top of your game and provide better service to your clients. At NCR, we are committed to providing you with the personalized guidance and expertise you need to do your job with confidence.